Office Gargoyles - Set of 3

Office  Gargoyles -  Set of 3

Gargoyles keep have been used since the medieval ages to keep away bad luck and evil spirits and are often found on homes and churches through out Europe.

Now you can bring a piece of this rich history into your office or home. These hand crafted and whimsical gargoyles are great for warding off bad luck and to spruce up office spaces at home or work, not only will they chase away bad luck, they may just work on some of your overly talkative workmates! Makes a great office gift. They also love bring outdoors and you can put them outside guarding your home. (They are weather resistant not weather proof).

Each hand crafted and hand painted plaster Gargoyle is about 4.5 inches and comes in a weather resistant silvery finish that looks like a rock or stone.

Collect all three: The Thinker, the Ponderer and the Jokester.

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